Pleasant Dreams

**twinkling dream music segue**

Dharma and Greg have to go through a time door to discover what is making them die before their time. Dharma (aka me) decides to ask her father ,Christopher Plummer, to help them.  Sciency conversations ensue in green houses that double as orphanages and puppy stores.

CP is already very old and dying of oldness so when he dies it isn’t a huge shock although everyone is sad. In honor of his life Dharma and Greg do air suspended waltz to Strauss.

This takes place in front of CP’s research  building which is being demolished so that a newer better building can be built for research. Similarly to V for Vendetta, there is a crescendo with fireworks and just before the grand finale Dharma/me does a running jump like a ballerina  shouting:”WHOOSH!” .


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