Mr. Jenkins

Now I understand Captain Ahab and  Brutus.

Screen Shot 2014-05-03 at 7.33.23 PM

Generally I look at these characters with Bambi like bewilderment “Whyyyy would someone do that?”

But something has changed.

There comes a moment when someone whom you have placed even the most cursory amount of trust in and been generous to for their little errors as most kind humans are won’t to do; Suddenly they reveal that they have secret daggers with which they will coldly use against you should an opportunity arise in which they may further their own agendas or inflate their sense of power.

And on the outside you are like:

But inside:

When that moment sinks in, despite whatever sugary coating it is presented in, the aha moment is unmistakable.


For now the fire burns


but I will let it, lest I once again allow my guard to fall.

Excuse me, now I have to go grow a beard and set candle wicks in it to terrify my enemies.



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